Friday, February 4, 2011



This story is about a smith who wants to be the best. One day, their Lord came up to
his door and showed of to the smith what he could do. The Lord took a horse
and cut off the foreleg of the horse, put the foreleg of the horse in the forge and made it glowing hot, sharpened the calks and nails and drove them home and put the leg perfectly back on. And then the smith's mother came, and the Lord took the old woman to the forge and changed her to a beautiful young girl. Then the smith tried to out matched the Lord
and copied what the Lord did and cut off the leg of the horse but end up making the horse bleed and dead. And then he took a old lady but it went no good either.
Then the Lord gave him three wishes and the smith wished, that whenever he tells someone to climb up into the pear tree outside the smithy wall he would have to stay there till he tell him to go down again, the second wish is that when he beg anyone to sit in the armchair in the workroom he will have  stay there until he, himself begs him to get up again, and the last is that whenever he someone to creep into the steel mesh purse he have in his pocket, he will have to stay there till he give him leave to to creep out again.
One day the devil made a deal to the smith and then the smith kept fooling the devil in his 
own ways by the use of his wishes. Then the devil gave up and then he had nowhere to go.
The smith couldn't even go to heaven or hell.

The weird thing about this story is that the Devil was
kind enough to wait for the smith and didn't even bother to argue with him.
isn't it weird that someone from hell would be so soft and patient.
This story is funny because of the smith didn't even get into heaven nor hell.
This story says that everything have it's reasons and that,
no one could be perfect at anything.


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